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An insistent tapping filled the silo, along with aggravated sighs being pulled through impatient intakes.

Chainbreak paced in front of the groundbridge, waiting for Ratchet to activate it to the landing coordinates they had given Wheeljack.

She groaned again in frustration and turned angrily, "Has he contacted yet?"

"No. He hasn't contacted yet. He hadn't contacted when you asked 20 nano-clicks ago and he won't contact us in the next 20 nano-clicks." Ratchet sighed.

"Chainbreak, he's not even in orbit yet," Arcee explained to her old friend. "Ratchet will let you know as soon as the systems pick up his beacon."
Chainbreak groaned, but stopped pacing, turning to glare at the back of the medic's helm. She glanced at Arcee, who shrugged her shoulder struts in response.

"I'm going on patrol," Chainbreak growled, turning, transforming into her alt mode and squealing out of the silo.

Ratchet gave Arcee a pointed look, "Remind you of anyone?"

Arcee laughed.


Speeding away from the base, Chainbreak could feel her systems relax and even out as she gained speed. Her earth based vehicle mode wasn't as fast as her original Cybertronian alt-mode but she made due. Reaching speeds that humans considered fatal was soothing to her agitated processor; it helped her work things out better. Speed had been her go to action for stress relief since…well she couldn't remember; most likely since long before the War.

Setting up her scanners, though she wasn't really out here to look for stray energon signals, she was killing time, not really wanting to think about Wheeljack's reaction once he arrived. Wheeljack had yet to find out why he had been asked to come, just that it was important and that he'd probably want to be here himself, which had been enough to raise the old Wreckers curiosity.

"Chains…you alright?" Bulkhead's voice crackled through her comm..

"Shhhh, Don't let him know I'm here," a mysterious, but strangely familiar voice hissed.

Chainbreak slammed on her breaks, the stowaway coming into the front seat.

"Miko….Never mind. I'm not gonna even ask how you got here or how long…whatever. I will however ask: WHAT are you doing here?" Chainbreak exclaimed to the young human.

"I, uh…joyriding?" she said with a smile.

"Sure…try a better lie next time… Bulk," she called into her comm.

"Everything okay Chains?"

"Yup, just needed to stretch my wheels. Though," Chainbreak transformed into her robot form, holding her passenger, "I found a stowaway."

Miko crossed her arms and plopped down cross-legged into Chainbreak's palms.

"You're no fun Chainbreak," Miko complained.

Chainbreak mocked, "Aww come on. I'm better than Arcee right?"

Miko snickered before breaking into laughter.

Chainbreak placed her fingers to the side of her helm, standing straight in the already warm Nevada morning sun. "Everything's alright Bulk. We're just gonna have a little girl time."

Bulkhead laughed, "I'll let you know when Wheeljack shows up."

"Thanks," Chainbreak said, dropping her hand and placing it on her hip struts. "Now, what are we going to do with you?"

"We," Miko quipped, stepping on Chainbreak's hand as she lowered her to a rock, "Are going on patrol."

Chainbreak placed her hands on her hips, shifting to one side, "We'll then let's see you transform."

"We have an Autobot comedian!" Miko waved her arms over her head.

Chainbreak laughed, a genuine smile spreading across her faceplate. Miko quietly pulled out her cell phone and snapped a picture while the Autobot was distracted, "I'll make sure Bulkhead sees this," she whispered, always the friend.

Chainbreak transformed into her alt mode, not having noticed the camera phone, and opened her door for her human friend.

"You coming or what?"


Gravel and dust sprayed the road as the light blue Chevy Miray drifted around the corner in the desert road, the maroon decals sparkling in the sweltering Nevada sunshine.

"Woooooooooo, yeah!" Miko exclaimed as Chainbreak snapped out of the long drift.

Chainbreak laughed as she drifted around the next corner, the base silo coming into view as they rounded the bluff. The speed and exhilaration was intoxicating.

"That was awesome! Seriously wicked!" Miko stated matter-of-factly. She sat back against the seats of the sports car and relaxed on the remaining drive to the silo.

Chainbreak had nearly forgotten why she had gone out on patrol in the first place, Miko having distracted her a fair amount.

The last thing Chainbreak was expecting to see when the camouflaged hanger doors opened to the silo was the white, red, and green mech standing there, arms crossed, a stern expression on his face. The buzz from the drive evaporating.

"Oh slag," Miko whispered, "He looks mad."

"And he should be," Chainbreak stated walking towards her brother slowly.


Chainbreak was leaning against a rock face, Wheeljack leaning against a similar formation across from her. Both were silent as the fiery sunset dimmed.

"So the higher ups selected you for the spy mission based on your mechanical skills," the white wrecker stated, trying to sort the story out for himself.

Chainbreak nodded, "And then shortly after going under cover as a Decepticon, I was found out and was forced, as Sky Whip, to terminate Chainbreak by Shockwave's orders. Shockwave is Megatron's chief engineering officer and he oversees all the space bridge duties." Chainbreak couldn't help herself getting a little off topic, she was nervous and was trying to avoid angering her brother. She had missed him dearly these last few vorns.

"And you were unable to tell me that my sister wasn't killed by a ruthless 'con." Wheeljack's question came out as more of a statement of fact, and his sudden monotone made Chainbreak's spark tighten with remorse.

"I'm sorry Jackie. I wasn't able to tell anyone, even my own superiors. Come to think of it I may want to send them a quick interstellar missive…Regardless I was under scrutiny by Soundwave and was hard pressed to get Megatron to believe my alias. The only reason he did was…" Chainbreak dropped off, ashamed of actually finishing that sentence. Her spark was filled with regret for what she had done, and her emotions still reeled from her own rape from the drones. She decided it best not to mention it to him now.

"What?" Wheeljack demanded, "What else did you have to do for those stupid 'cons?"

Chainbreak gave a large pull through her intakes, "The only reason Megatron believed me was due to the fact that I faked a relationship with his CMO, Knockout, who vouched for my status as a Decepticon while I was under Megatron's sword. Megatron never did really trust me…" Chainbreak broke off, seeing the rising anger in her brother's optics.

Wheeljack stood quickly, Chainbreak matched him, placing her hands on his shoulders in an attempt to calm him.  "That Decepticon is gonna get a piece of my-"


His optics burned into Chainbreak's as she spoke, "I never bonded with him. Not once. Knockout never asked. He was more of the casual relationship type. However," she decided this was a good a time as any, "I am bonded currently."

Wheeljack did a double take in shock, "With who?"

"Bulkhead, who else?" Chainbreak smiled.

She wished Miko was here to snap a picture of the look on her brother's faceplate….

It was priceless.


Muffled voices were heard through the thick door, Miko pressing her ear against it to hear. Chainbreak paced in front of the door as Arcee and Bumblebee lounged nearby enjoying the excitement, Jack and Raf near them.

"You're gonna wear a hole in the floor if you keep that up," Arcee mentioned.

Chainbreak flopped to the floor in mock despair, leaning her helm back against the nearby wall, just wanting to get the whole ordeal over with.

"Isn't Wheeljack supposed to be happy that she's alive?" Jack questioned.

"Well he is but he's also the overprotective big brother who has a hard time seeing his sister with anyone," Arcee filled in.

Miko whispered, "Oooo…shhh…It sounds like they're coming out."

The door swished open.

The two Wreckers looked over the group curiously.

Chainbreak looked up expectantly, Bumblebee beeped questioningly. The tension could've been cut with a welding torch.

Wheeljack smirked, "You really think I'm gonna be upset with Bulkhead just because he bonded with my sister." He laughed. "Please, I was just laying down the ground rules."

Chainbreak sat up, raising an optic ridge, "Ground rules?"

"I'm still your older brother aren't I?"
Chainbreak groaned, "Wheeljack!"

Everyone's laughter filled the hallway, echoing throughout the base, none of them knew though how soon laughter would be the farthest thing from their minds.
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Didn’t get as far as I wanted here….but I worked out the interaction between the characters…I’m going to add more interaction between Chainbreak and the other characters….i want to put MECH in as well, but im working on fitting it in….

I always picture Wheeljack as having a soft spot for his sister (if he had one in cannon) just like he does for Bulkhead.

And BTW this fan fic as well as the pre quell to this and any following ones are most likely, 99.999999% based on TFP season 1. Basically imagine the Autobots having won without Optimus becoming Orion Pax at the end of season 1. The concept of the dark energon intrigued me…hence this fic.

I’ve also come to realize Chainbreak is fairly impatient and has a thing for pacing….funny how my characters develop their own personalities outside of my writing them….

And I changed Chainbreak’s alt mode again….I’m really a GM fan at heart being from Flint and all….Chevy Miray seeming to fit Chainbreak’s personality better than the others…

And I fail miserably with cliffhangers…..It’s just these first two scenes didn’t have much to work with really….

I truly am working harder on making these chapters longer….when I post I feel like its not nearly long enough….

Also on a side note it might be easiest once I finish the individual fics to also post a completed version….ill have to get around to that with Deception then….

Chainbreak/ Sky Whip © protanyakateyo
Transformers Prime © Hasbro and The Hub
Chevrolet Miray © General Motors Corporation
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